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Harvest Parade

The Montessori School of Herndon PTA held it’s Harvest Parade on October 31st.  MSH students, teachers and parents had a wonderful time dressing up and parading around the MSH grounds. There is nothing like having all of the MSH family together.  Thank you to all who helped organize and support this function.  It was awesome!

Jeans Day for Breast Cancer

The Montessori School of Herndon PTA collected $440 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   Our students and teachers participated in “Jeans Day” by wearing their jeans to school, and in return paying $5 or more for the uniform violation.   All proceeds were donated to the National Cancer Society.   One small gesture can go […]

Culture and Science

A Montessori Classroom offers many opportunities for young children to expand their knowledge during the years when they are motivated by spontaneous interest.  The large wooden puzzle maps are among the most popular activities in the classroom.  The child can put each puzzle piece into place by means of a little knob on its flat, […]


A child can learn basic concepts of mathematics in either of two ways.  He can learn by using concrete materials during the years when he enjoys manipulating equipment; or he can learn by abstract methods when he is in the elementary grades.  Dr. Montessori demonstrated that if a child has access to mathematical equipment in […]

Language Arts

Many of the sensorial exercises, by their very nature, are a remote preparation for academic learning.  For example, the child who has learned to listen carefully will be able to perceive subtle differences in the sounds of the letters.  Of equal importance to language, skills are the geometric materials, which help the children to concentrate […]


A young child can remain unmoved by a myriad of sensory impressions in her everyday environment.  What she needs is not more and more impressions buy the ability to understand what she perceives.  The Montessori Sensorial Materials help the child to distinguish, to categorize, and to relate new information to what she already knows.  Dr. […]

Bowl America’s Rolling Bowling

There is never a dull moment at MSH! This week we had a very special visit from Bowl America’s Rolling Bowling truck.  Our students got to enjoy a few games of bowling every day this week. MSH Teachers and Staff orchestrated a “Family Bowling Friday” which was a big hit with all of our families. […]

Welcome to a new school year!

The 2013 – 2014 School Year has finally arrived!  Welcome new and returning students!  Our students had a wonderful week getting to know their teachers, learning the routines of the classroom, working on lessons and making new friends.  We are so happy that you are all apart of the MSH Family.  We are looking forward […]

Spring Fun Fair

MSH families came together in May to enjoy the Spring Fun Fair. A little it of rain didn’t stop our families and teachers from having a wonderful time. We had a train, moon bounce, swings, cotton candy, pizza and a lemonade stand run by our Elementary. We would like to thank our teachers, staff and […]